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          Caleidoscopia: a diversity game


 “Caleidoscopia” is the playful exploration, recognition, variation, broadening and enlarging of personal diversity; developed on the basis of a kaleidoscopic perspective with the following starting points: multi-dimensionality rather than mono-dimensionality, inclusion rather than exclusion; ‘and…and’ thinking rather than ‘or…or’ thinking; equality and reciprocity.

The objective of the game is that people talk together about themselves, their history, the presence and the future and develop more understanding and respect for each other.
-          Making diversity visible and stimulating, discussions on diversity.
-          Clearly underlining the significance of diversity in all its dimensions.
-          Raising awareness in dealing with differences and similarities among people
Diversity is recognising and acknowledging that differences and similarities between people acquire social meaning when people interact. After all, each individual is:
>        like every other individual
>        like some other individuals
>        like no other individual
Social identity is defined by the following dimensions of diversity:  

·       Sex
:       Phase of life
·       Social class
·       Sexual orientation
·       Religion
·       Ethnicité
·       Talent/handicap
·       Professional  socialisation

Dealing with diversity involves the art of discovering what is shared beyond interpersonal differences and in this common sharing, distinguishing subtle differences and making them relevant and useful. The game consists of 8 sets of nine cards in different colours on which the eight dimensions of diversity are shown. One of the nine dimensions given is written on a card in nine languages.

The nine languages are:
·         Dutch
·         English
·         German
·         Hungarian
·         Arabic
·         Turkish
·         French
·        Spanish
·         Chinese

Each set of nine cards contains a blank card which the player can use however she or he likes. The game can be played by an individual player, and in small and large groups, for example: during an introduction; when discussing a situation or theme; when supervising, coaching and training persons; in teambuilding; when exploring certain social or political situations.

More information: info@caleidoscopia.nl